E9 Pro Miner introduction,Antminer E9 Pro put on sale

Introduction of Antminer E9 Pro

According to Bitmain’s official news, the Bitmain Antmienr E9 Pro was released in Beijing Times on February 4, 2023. Pro’s Ethash algorithm, the revenue will be high, so before the release, it attracted the attention of many miners.

E9 Pro algorithm is Ethash, et al., the computing capacity is 3680MH± 10%, the wall power is 2200W± 10%.

The wall power efficiency is 0.6J/m± 10%, the memory reaches 7G, and is 7G, and the memory is enough. Suitable for operation in 200-240V voltage environments.

The input frequency of power communication is 47-63Hz. Without packaging, the size of the bare metal of the machine is 550*195.5*310mm. It is 722*322*427mm and weighs 20.2kg of bare metal. The machine weighs 22kg including the packaging, and the E9 Pro is still heavier.

In addition, the miner has a suitable service temperature of 0-40C, and a suitable storage temperature of -20-70C, and must operate at 10-90% ambient humidity. It can effectively improve the machine in the right environment to improve the machine’s life cycle.

Antminer E9 Pro is on sale

The Antminer E9 Pro has the highest computing power and ultra-low energy consumption. The miner has excellent computing power, reaching 3680MH, 2200W power consumption, and an energy efficiency ratio of 0.6J/m. It’s more energy efficient. According to it, it’s based on it. From the data, a miner is a high-volume machine, but its power consumption is not very high, so it also makes it high. Its top computing power is amazing, equivalent to 38 RTX 3080 graphics cards. Antminer uses industry-standard designs suitable for data centers worldwide and uses the latest heat dissipation technology to improve the life of mining machines.

Its mining capacity is leading the industry. A classic model for mining ETH and more, the E9 Pro Miner uses a modular construction design that is more conducive to mining machine maintenance.

Because at the same time, mining machines are made of high-performance materials, making them more durable. Miners are also equipped with safety components that are effective against dust, it is improving their service life and use efficiency, and providing the perfect mining experience for all miners so that the product has a longer life cycle, the Antminer E9 Pro is on the way and will be released immediately. Let’s look forward to it!

Antminer E9 ProE9 Pro Miner

Antminer E9 Pro


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