Bitcoin stations are 23,000 US dollars. Is cryptocurrency recovery?

Since the price of Bitcoin exceeded $ 23,000 on January 21, it has continuously stabilized the $ 23,000 mark, and the highest peak reached 23,818 US dollars. The circle of mine machines was sensational. Cryptocurrency mining machines have also produced a wave of small peaks due to the rise in the price of this time, and the enthusiasm of the miners to buy Bitcoin mining machines is also very hot.
Due to the trend of rising Bitcoin, cryptocurrency generally rose, and the momentum was good. Ethereum also exceeded the maximum of $ 1680, and the remaining tokens had a better increase. As of now, the total market value of cryptocurrency is about $ 106 trillion.

Cryptocurrency prices have risen, and the price of Bitcoin mining machines has soared directly

According to current estimates, in just one day, the difficulty of digging into Bitcoin will increase by about 3.82%. At present, the difficulty of mining has reached a record high of 37.59 trillion. It is proportional to digging the hash number and difficulty level required for a block, which means that each miner who participates in This level is excavated.
The average block time of Bitcoin has been between 8 minutes and 54 seconds and 9 minutes and 31 seconds, which is lower than 10 minutes. This is because when the speed of the block is faster than 10 minutes, the difficulty is repositioned. The discovery speed of 2016 blocks is also faster than the average of two weeks. As a result, Bitcoin’s protocol mining difficulty rose, the higher the price of BTC and more hash rates are dedicated to blockchain.
The difficulty of mining Bitcoin’s mining means that the profit of the existing bitcoin mining machine’s mining will be relatively reduced, and at the same time, it will indirectly promote the price of Bitcoin. At the same time, when mining difficulty increases or continues to rise, more In general, the entire market is full of confidence, and the entire mining industry is heating.

With the recovery of the market, other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin have also begun to become active, which is also a manifestation of the increased market activity. According to the market data, RIO, which ranked first in the list of price increases in the past few days, increased by 53.33%, and compared with the bear market low of $0.0132, its increase has been nearly 8 times. It hit a high of $0.0948.

Taken together, cryptocurrency has indeed appeared significant signs of recovery, and the trend of the market continuing to rise is also obvious. The momentum of Bitcoin reached 30,000 US dollars in the back, which also directly led to the recovery of the cryptocurrency mining machine.

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