Fraud website:, please do not conduct any transaction with, otherwise any loss has nothing to do with X-ON MINING.


Please note that the x-on mining website only allows payment through cryptocurrency transfer. If your preferred method of payment is offline or by wire transfer, please contact our team via email or live chat so that we can further assist you with your order.

Way 1Offline Payment

TRC20 Start:TSFYK    End:DwZrnaQET

TRC20 Start:TTeUw9w End: BM4Rzzc1w

ERC20 Start:0xb298cC End:3Df5db8BB

ERC20 Start:0x59f8c5e End: 718b282180

USD bank account :

Bank name: Asia Account

Starts with 798, ends with 946

US account

Starts with 820, ends with 154


①The beneficiary name and beneficiary account number must match for funds to be credited.

②All Domestic wires for the East-West bank should be wired to bank routing no: 322070381.

③All International wires for East-West bank should be wired to Swift code:EWBKUS66XXX


Please read all terms of shipment and payment before placing your order. 

X-ON Mining has four warehouses, a Shenzhen warehouse, a Dongguan warehouse, a Sichuan warehouse, and a Hong Kong warehouse.  Our order will be sent from one of these warehouses.

Our cryptocurrency miner products do not include postage, if you need to place an order, please contact us to state your shipping costs.

Note: If you have placed an order and have any questions about the logistics information, please contact us immediately. We will trace your shipment and get back to you as soon as possible.

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