Bitmain S19 XP’s peak introduction

Bitmain S19 XP’s peak

Bitmain announced the latest mining machine -Bitmain S19 XP, using TSMC 5nm chip, strong computing power can reach 140TH/s, the power consumption of the whole machine is only 3010W, really achieve high computing power, low power consumption, and energy efficiency ratio as low as 21.5J/TH, Bitmain latest generation ant mining machine S19 XP,  The product will be ordered for release in Q3 — Q4 2022 and will ship in July-September 2022. Alive Directory

Select Bitmain S19 XP and shake hands with the future.  The number of new machines is limited, and it is expected that this batch of goods will be particularly popular, because this machine is the machine with the highest computing power of BTC at present, and compared with other BTC machines, the power consumption is reduced a lot, and the computing power is also a great increase compared with other machines.

 Bitmain S19 XP introduction

Antminer S19XP is an integrated design of chassis power supply, and its naked machine size is 370×195.5×290mm, which can be reasonably arranged according to the height of mine shelves. S19XP mining machine adopts a front and rears double-barrel fan design for cooling, and the outer surface of the fan is arranged with a net cover, which can prevent mine operation and maintenance personnel from accidentally touching the blade and causing injury.  Protect the safety of operation and maintenance personnel;  The fan has a grid on the back, which effectively prevents outside particles from entering the high-speed fan and hitting the force plate.

The Antminer S19 XP single fan has a voltage of 12V, a current of 1.65A, a maximum speed of 6150rpm, and a maximum air volume of 197cfm.  According to the changes in the series and parallel characteristics of the fans, the design of the parallel fan on one side of the miner can significantly increase the ventilation volume.  The fans on both sides of the miner are designed in series so that the resistance of the miner to environmental resistance is significantly enhanced, that is, the ventilation volume of the miner will not fluctuate sharply with the change in the mine environment.

Mining machine internal force plate surface using the whole piece of heat sink heat dissipation, a heat sink for linear design, although the wind resistance failed to effectively reduce a lot, the heat sink design effectively increases the heat diffusion area of the chip, so that the chip generated heat can be uniform, fast transfer to the heat sink, and the wind away in time.

antminer S19 XP 140T

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