Beware Of Fake Website

Hi, everybody, On the official website of X-ON MINING to buy mining machines and our official social account introduction, beware of being cheated! Recently, all kinds of scam websites appear. Some customers don’t know they’re being duped. Please be careful.

X-ON MINING Website:

www.xonmining.com /  www.btcasicminer.com / xingjia.manufacturer.globalsources.com/

Social account: 


Facebook: X-ON Mining

www.facebook.com/xonmining / www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100083736987196

Ins: @xonmining


Youtube: @x-onmining7803



Reddit:  https://www.reddit.com/user/XJ-asicminer


We have not found any fraudulent websites impersonating us for the time being. If you find any, please contact us immediately and we will verify it immediately.

Finally, our special thanks go to the people who made us aware of the existence of the fraudulent websites, thank you for helping us maintain and protect the reputation of X-ON MINING, and thank you for your efforts in stopping more people get scammed


Employment Seperation Statement Our former employee Anthony, whose Chinses name Shao Yangxiao resigned from X-ON MINING on February 24, 2023, due to his personal reasons, his future business actions are all his personal actions, and he no longer has any relationship with X-ON MINING. Please be cautious to cooperate with her in the future. To verify our staff, please go to the Staff Authentication Page on our official website:https://xonmining.com/about-us/

Please identify the account number below as a valid payment and receipt account for the Company. All other accounts are fraudulent,

Please note!

TRC20 Start:TWKKd   End:Rps8eKqzr   ERC20 Start:0xDf305  End:D81e92d5

USD bank account : Starts with 798, ends with 378


(We are not responsible for any transfer to other accounts, thank you!)

Thank you again for your trust and support to X-ON MINING! We will, as always, try our best to provide our customers with the most competitive price and the best service!

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