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Thank you for choosing to be a member of our X-ON MINING community. From the moment you join us, we are committed to protecting your personal information and your privacy. We will not make any moves that cause leaks for your privacy. If you have any questions or doubts about our policies or our personal information, please contact us at contact@xonming.com.

We need your personal information when you visit the X-ON MINING website and use our service. We attach great importance to your privacy. In this privacy policy, we describe our privacy policy to eliminate your questions. We explain to you in the clearest way what information we have collected, how we use this information, and some rights you have related to this information. We hope you spend some time reading it carefully because it is important. If you do not agree with any terms in this privacy policy, you can stop using our website. Our company accepts legal constraints and protection in mainland China.

This privacy policy is suitable for all information collected by any relevant services, sales, marketing or activities through any relevant services, sales, marketing, or activities of our company.
Please read this privacy policy carefully because it will help you share your personal information to make wise decisions.

1. What information do we collect?
You disclose (fill in) your personal information on our website.
simply put:
We collect the personal information you provided to us, such as names, where you are, contact information (mailbox, phone, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.), password and security data, and payment information.
What we collect is the personal information you voluntarily provide to us when registering, the information you submit when you are interested in our products or services, the information you participate in our website limited-time activities or our online forums or participate in our contests and competitions.
The personal information we collect depends on your website function, which may include the following:
The main information is name and contact information, email address, phone number, WhatsApp, WeChat, or other similar contact data.
It may be collected for your identity verification and the password, password security prompt, or other similar security information you created.
Social media login data, we provide you with options for registering using social media accounts (such as your Facebook, Twitter, INS, or other social media accounts). If you choose to register in this way, we will not leak in any way, limited to the login and other useful functions of our website account.
All personal information you provide to us must be true and effective, and it is complete and correct. If your personal information has changed, please inform us that we will immediately modify your personal information so that you can use our website normally Essence

When you visit our website, we will automatically collect some information, such as IP addresses or browsers and other device features.
When you visit, use or browse, we will automatically collect certain information. This information will not disclose any specific identity, but it may include your use device and device information, such as IP address, browser, and device features, operations, operations, operations Systems, language preferences, URLs, equipment names, national regions, this information will not make any leakage, mainly used to maintain the security and operation of our website, as well as the purpose of our internal analysis and report.
Like many companies, we also via Cookies and similar technology mobile phone information.

2. Will your personal information leak or share with others?
Please rest assured that we will only share information when you unify, abide by laws and regulations, provide services to you, protect your rights or fulfill business obligations.

Treat or share data based on the following legal basis:
Ask for the customer’s consent,
If you agree that we use your personal information for specific purposes, we may handle your data, and the possibility of this situation is very small.

Legal business rights,
When we need to realize our legal business interests and reasonable compliance, we may process your data.

Performance of the contract terms,
In the case of signing a contract with you, we may handle your personal information to reasonably and legally fulfill our contract terms.

Legal obligations,
If there are laws and regulations, we may disclose your personal information to comply with applicable laws, national government requirements, judicial procedures, court orders, or legal procedures, such as in response to court orders or vouchers, including in response to public authorities to meet national security or national security or national security or national security or national security or national security or Law enforcement requirements.

In violation of regulations,
We may investigate if you think you violate our policy rules, or suspected fraud, investigate the potential threat to anyone’s safety or illegal activities, or prevent or take a series of actions. To be more accurate, we may need to need Process your data or share your personal information in the following circumstances:
We may share your data with third party suppliers, service providers, or agents. They improve our services for us or on our behalf of us and need to access this information to complete the work. Including but not limited to payment processing, data analysis, email sending, hosting services, customer service, and marketing work.

We may allow the selected third -party to use tracking technology, which will enable them to collect data about your activity for a period of time. Such information can be used to analyze and data tracking and determine the degree of popularity of certain contents to understand the understanding of Online activities, etc better. Unless this policy stipulates, we will not share or trade any information related to you for the purpose of third-party promotions.

Business transfer, we may share or transfer your information when we merge with any other company or sell all or part of our business to another company.

Third-party advertising service providers, when you visit our website, we may use third-party advertising companies to advertise and provide advertisements for products and services that are interested in. These companies may use network cookies and Other tracking technologies, which may include personal information on your website.

As an affiliated company, we may share your information with our companies. In this case, we will ask affiliated companies to abide by the privacy policies. Partners or other companies.
Business partners, we may share your information with our business partners in order to provide you with certain products, services, or promotional activities.

3. Will we use cookies and other tracking technology?
We may use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect or store your personal information.

4. How do we handle your social account login?
If you choose to register or log in to our website with social media accounts, we may access some information about you to ensure that you can use our website and services normally.
According to the relevant social media providers, we collect your relevant information from your social media provider. We handle this information to provide you with normal use on our website. Email, friends list, personal information photos, and other information you choose.
We will only use the information we collected for the purpose described in this privacy policy, or other purposes that explain to you, please know, for your other use of your personal information for your third-party social media provider, we It is not responsible, we also suggest that you check their privacy policies to understand how they collect, use, and share your personal information.

5. How long will your information be kept on our website?
Under normal circumstances, we will retain your personal information within the time limit for the purpose of this privacy policy, unless legal requirements or allowed longer reservations, such as tax statistics, or other legal requirements, any purpose in this policy is not any purpose of this policy. We will ask us to save your personal information for more than ten years.
When we do not have legal business with you or need to process your personal information, we will delete or anonymous your personal data. If your personal information has been stored in our file, then we will store you safely to store you safely Personal information is further separated until it can be deleted.

6. Privacy of third-party websites
We are not responsible for the security of any information shared by your third-party provider that you publish an advertisement that does not belong to our website.
They may include third-party ads that have nothing to do with us, which may be linked to other websites, online services, or mobile applications. We cannot guarantee the security and privacy of the data you provide to any third party.

7. Will we collect data information on minors?
We will not deliberately collect personality information data from the age of 18 or below or sell any data to it.
Using this website means that you are 18 years old or your parents or guardians are minors and agree to use this website. If we know the personal information of users under 18 years old We will stop this account and take reasonable measures to delete this type of data from our records. If you find that we have collected any data from minors under the age of 18, please contact us immediately.

8. Can I comment on the website?
You have the right to comment on our website, and it will be displayed on our website after our consent.
Comments cannot infringe any intellectual property rights, including but not limited to any third-party copyright, patent, or trademark.
Comments cannot include any racial discrimination, defamation, offense, indecent, or any other information that violates privacy. Illegal comments will not be displayed on our website.

9. Your privacy
You can view, change or terminate your account at any time.
If you are located in the European economic zone and you think we illegally handle your personal information, you have the right to complain to the local data protection agency.
If you want to terminate your account, please contact us, and we will delete your account and delete any personal information about you.

10. Will we update our privacy policy?
Yes, we will update this policy as needed to comply with relevant laws and regulations.
If we make major changes to this privacy policy, we may tell you by displaying notifications such as changing such changes or sending notices directly to you. We encourage you to provide information.

11. How do you make opinions on our policy?
If you have questions about our privacy policies or other suggestions, you can send emails to contact@xonming.com, with the theme “Privacy” to facilitate sending it to our operation, we will adjust accordingly as needed.

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